Users submit listings but they don't show up

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Steps to reproduce

Users create an account, then submit a listing.

Actual result

No listing seems to being submitted on the admin side of Wordpress. Basically the user status doesn’t change from “Subscriber” to “Vendor” BUT the images of the listing that were uploaded when submitting the listing were correctly uploaded.

Expected result

User submits a listing and it shows up among listings submitted awaiting for approval.

Extra details

No caching plugins in use except Kinsta cache. Also the issue doesn’t happen all the time but just randomly with some users! A user said that after clicking on “Submit” it just refreshes the listing submission page. But as said, it doesn’t happen with all the listings, just with random ones. so it can’t be something related to caching in my opinion.

I discovered it by chance cause while looking at my website’s medias I saw a lot of images of listings that didn’t show up on the frontend or in the listings submitted list! It seems images get uploaded but the listing is missing.

IMPORTANT UPDATE: after investigating further, I clicked on the photos submitted on the missing listings to inspect the media details, and in the details it says “Uploaded by [username of the poster]” and “Uploaded to [listing link]”. If I click on the [listing link] I get brought to the relative listing edit page, where I can finally find the missing listing not showing up in the listings list (Hivepress Listings). It doesn’t show up in Drafts, Trash, Uploaded by me, All, anywhere. Also the title of the listing is missing but the other info are there. The title is mandatory on my website so it can’t be related to the title.

These latest details make the thing even more weird. This means the listing after being submitted goes somewhere but it just disappears from anywhere in the backend.
I hope it can help.


Please disable third-party plugins and customizations (if there are any) and check if this issue persists. If you use a caching plugin, make sure that caching is disabled for logged-in users. It can also be a hosting provider’s issue, so I recommend checking the cache and settings of your hosting provider.

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