Using an alternative Escrow payment processor to Stripe Connect


I’m looking at trustshare as a payment processor (they have a number of significant benefits over Stripe Connect). Has anyone had any success integrating trustshare into HivePress marketplace?


Unfortunately, we’re unfamiliar with this platform, so we can’t give you more details.
However, you will most likely need additional customization and integration.

Thanks for the answer.
Have you considered any other escrow type payout processors similar to stripe connect e.g. PayPal Braintree? Stripe connect is very expensive and limits the countries it can deal with so doesn’t offer worldwide sales.


We plan to add PayPal for automatic payments in future updates.

Thanks - that’s great.
Is there any detailed documentation on how ‘manual’ payments work?
for example;

  1. Can I use any account to receive funds in from buyers (stripe or PayPal etc)
  2. If a gig is then completed, does the money owed to the seller show in their account (within the platform - e.g. £10 buy and on completion seller sees £8 in their account available for withdrawal)
  3. The funds actually all sit (the full £10) in the platform bank account until a withdrawal request is placed.
  4. When a withdrawal request is placed and manually approved, the £8 would be sent to the sellers PayPal address. Or do we have to physically log into our PayPal account and send the money to their PayPal account?


Sure. Please check these docs: How to process payouts manually - HivePress Help Center

thanks - all sorted

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