Using categories on the merchant page

Tell me why you need categories on the seller’s page? What do they give? How can a seller choose the category to which he belongs?

There are the same benefits as with the listing categories. For example if you have 2 vendor types (person and company) and different profile fields are required, you can create 2 categories with category-specific attributes. Vendors can select a category during the registration (the Complete Profile form).

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very cool idea, thanks for your advice.

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Ho notato un bug sulle categorie. Se crei delle categorie, ma poi decidi di eliminare le categorie, poi ti blocca tutti gli utenti venditori e ti chiede di completare il profilo, ma non esiste più la categoria e quindi tutti questi utenti venditori rimangono bloccati. Come si può risolvere questo problema?

I noticed a bug on the categories. If you create categories, but then decide to delete the categories, then it blocks all the seller users and asks you to complete the profile, but the category no longer exists and therefore all these seller users remain blocked. How can this problem be solved?

Per questo motivo ora ho paura di creare le categorie. ho già dovuto cancellare tutti gli utenti e rifare nuovi utenti per non vedere il blocco che dice: completare profilo

For this reason I am now afraid to create categories. I have already had to delete all users and re-create new users to not see the block that says: complete profile

It’s probably a caching issue, if it persists within 24 hours please post a new bug report and we’ll look into it before releasing the next HivePress version.

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