Variable price

Is it possible to sell a product (service) with a variable price?
For example, I create an ad for a hairdresser, and the professional includes variable prices in the “product” in her listing
Cut 5$
Hairstyle and cut $10
In this way the user (buyer) can select several options of the same listing
it’s possible?
In practice this would be like adding a variable price to any woocommerce product
It is very very important for the user (buyer) to make several options within an listing and to simplify the experience.


Hey not sure about the variable price question.

But maybe a solution for now, is to just list a general service like haircut $5. And then add the rest as optional extras. For example, extra: Hairstyle and cut +$5 (making total go to $10), etc. Or also maybe tweaking the discount section may help.

Thanks for answering, my friend I understood what you mean, but… how do I add “optional extras” as you suggest?
On this website that I give as an example, the professional has her own page and on it you can select the service you want

Here are some examples of what I want to do:

Another question… I use the listing hive template and all the payment plugins, but I can’t make the vendors, on the “vendors” page, see the blocks horizontally, just like in the template: https://experthive

I forgot to mention that you will need the bookings extension I believe for extras/discounts.

Go to your wordpress dashboard. Go to hivepress/settings/listings Go down to seller section and check the Allow sellers to add price extras checkbox. The one underneath it is to make it required. For example, in my host website I have both optional extras like increase in price based on number of people/guest, and also a required (mandatory) extra for cleaning for every listing.

I just looked at the website example. I think you have a couple of options. You can first put the price optional (I can provide you with code snippet if you want this) or set it at 0, or a general base price like $5 for a simple cut.

Then you can add the extras with a title on top (I can provide the code snippet for this as well) that says something like “My Services” just like in your website example. Then below it will be the options, like haircut, tint, etc. You can also set the quantity (cantidad). Under hivepress/settings/listings/quantity, check the Allow buyers to select quantity.

You can also make other changes under hivepress/settings/bookings.

As far as your other question, I do not think you can change the listinghive template to display horizontal. If you want that specific look you have to get the experthive template. However, maybe you can adjust the column numbers which will make each listing smaller.


ok i will understand
How can I leave the fixed price at “0” so that they can only buy the extras?
Do you have the code to change it?
Can it be done in such a way that the price “0” does not appear in the listing?
In other words, only the extras appear as a purchase option.
Asking the “professional” to set the price to “0” is not serious, and it is confusing for the seller

Can I do the default extras?
That is, when the vendor makes an listing, they only have to check a box with the predetermined extras and only have to put a price

“Then you can add the extras with a title at the top (I can also provide the code snippet for this) that says something like “My Services” like in your website example. Then below that will be the options, such as haircut, dye, etc.”
How can I do it?

“You can also set the quantity (cantidad). Under hivepress/settings/listings/quantity, check the Allow buyers to select quantity.”

I have followed the steps but it is still the same, it does not give me the option to select several extras

“You can also make other changes under hivepress/settings/bookings.”
what do you mean?

My friend, I want to build a site almost identical to the example website that I have sent you, but only specific to one profession

Thanks for your answers, I want to be generous and make a small paypal donation is it possible?
Send my email and I’ll pay you

Hi no need for donation. If anything donate instead to hivepress so they can keep making improvements. They are the developers and the team that works hard and great at what they do.

OK Thanks!!! I send you a email

If you use Marketplace without Bookings, there are 2 ways, please enable Tiers and/or Extras in HivePress/Settings/Listings/Selling. Tiers define the base price, while extras define multiple add-ons to the base price that can be selected. Tiers are not supported in Bookings yet, but we’re working on it.

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