Variable pricing based on customer details

Hello, i just bought hivepress to create a website in which i want to sell tickets for surf sessions, museum entry.
I discovered that i can’t do variable pricing, which is obligatory in my business model because the prices are different according to each age.

Can anyone please help me to solve this problem.


There are 4 ways for variable pricing:

  • Enable it in HivePress/Settings/Bookings, then vendors can select specific dates and set custom prices (e.g. if these are holidays and booking is more expensive)

  • Extras (you can enable and define price extras for a listing, they will add fixed amount per customer, per booking, per day etc. depending on the extra type)

  • Places (if you enable this in settings, the price will be multiplied by the number of gusts/places)

  • Discounts (vendors can define discounts for specific number of days, this will change the price)

If you mean adding a number input field for age, and changing the price automatically based on this value unfortunately there’s no such option, but there may be a workaround if you use Extras.

Can you help me to use extras to workaround this problem. The problem is that i really need variable pricing so i can finish my website and launch it.

Sorry, there are no other fields that affect pricing except for those 4 ways described above. Adding a new field that will affect the pricing depending on its value is possible, but this would require a custom implementation.

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