Vendor directory

Hivepress team, maybe we’re missing something.

In experthive, how does a registered customer browse vendors and vendor listings? Vendors are adding listings, but customers aren’t seeing vendors or their listings?
→ only registered customers should be able to see vendors and vendor listings, we will not be allowing vendors to be accessed without logging in
→ vendors should not see eachother’s listings


Sorry, there’s no such restriction in HivePress at the moment (this seems like a good feature for the Memberships extension though), if you have vendors enabled in HivePress/Settings/Vendors then vendor profiles can be viewed in the same way as listings, without registration.
Here’s a sample snippet that redirects non-registered users from all listing pages Hide the listing pages from non-registered users (redirect to login form) #hivepress #listings · GitHub It should also work for vendors if you change “listing” with “vendor” in this snippet. Preventing vendors from seeing each other’s listings would require a more complex solution.
Hope this helps.

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