Vendor image keeps going missing after some hours

Vendor featured image, listing images and tags keeps going missing randonmly after some hours. the image remains in media library showing that it is attatched to the vendor

Could it be wp optimize plugin… I usually clear expired transient ?

Whats going on ?. please need quick update as its stressful re-inserting the same thing manually everyday. Big bug

Its happened again this morning. My wp optimize is on a 24hr cache by the way and i have this otpion checked on an image resize plugin

I need a solution please.

i havent uploaded much vendors and listings because if i did, it would be chaos having to re-upload tags and featured images everyday


There are no other reports about this issue, so this is most likely caused by third-party plugins, customizations or specific settings. Please let me know if you tried to edit the vendor profiles directly, if so then it should be done vice versa (by editing the linked vendor user), because some user details that are in sync with the vendor profile have higher priority (e.g. first name, last name, image).

Yes thats what i did. I edited the vendor profile directly not from user. How can i make vendor featured image higher priority because i create multiple vendors from one user (admin) therefore i have to work on vendor directly and not user… I need this priority for only featured image and not names

Please let me know if you also link multiple vendor profiles to a single user, or you’re creating a separate user in WordPress/Users for each profile? Using multiple profiles for the same user may cause issues.

Yes I do use multiple vendors for one user however in this case I have only one vendor and one user.
However since you’ve clarified that it will cause issues, I won’t anymore.

And since you’ve clarified that I should alternatively upload profile photo to user directly I will.

Is the profile photo that’s uploaded on the front end by the vendors uploaded to the user account directly ?

And can I see all the bookings and messages for all the users and vendors ?

Yes, if you create users and vendors manually, I recommend doing this via the front-end, if you upload the profile image in Accounts/Settings it will remain form the vendor profile.

You can view any messages if you enable monitoring in HivePress/Settings/Messages, bookings can be checked in WordPress/Bookings.

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