Vendor not selectable when adding a new listing via back-end


Has anyone else experienced the following.

I’m logged in as admin to WP and am using the JobHive theme.

I’ve successfully added 20 jobs via the dashboard (and created companies).

Now when I try and add a new job the Company dropdown is locked, greyed out and only contains my username (see the red in attached screenshot).

Previously I was able to type in the name of the company the job related to and select them from here.

I can’t go any further with my site until this is fixed as I need to populate it with more jobs before we go live.

Appreciate any ideas from the community.

Thanks for reporting this, I changed the bug title so it matches the HivePress terminology (this issue is probably not specific to JobHive since it just defines the design). Please make sure that you extended the temporary WP access link sent via email, I’ll try to debug this further today.

Ihor as per email to you this is now fixed.

I created a new job with the default company.
I went back to that job and edited it - it allowed me to change the company to the correct one.
Once I’d done this process the bug disappeared completely.


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