Vendor - updating feature image will reset permalink

Hi there,

I have a vendor that I created and then migrated to a different user. I found when I did this, I had some data loss from the vendor’s info. In addition the Permalink would be reset from what I customised.

Have also found updating the featured image seems to reset the permalink as well and from memory the main body of text.

Is this a known bug? or should we not touch/admin for a vendor once it’s transferred to a user?

Thanks in advanced


If, for example, you change the user and then save this data, then some data is synchronized with the vendor’s data, and in that data, priority is given to the data specified in the user’s profile. The username is always used in the permalink. If you change the user, the permalink will change accordingly. We do not recommend making such changes because the vendor is like an extra profile for the profile of a regular user.
Also, images, bio descriptions, and first and last names (if used in the vendor’s name format) are synchronized.

I believe this will be useful to you.

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