Vendors adjusting accommodation price after booking request

Hi there. Just checking, can vendors adjust the price for the accommodation (eg price per night) after guests send a booking request?


Yes, it is possible. However, please note that if you change the price, it will be displayed only for new users, i.e. for those who booked after the price change, and those who booked before the price change will not be affected.

​I hope this is helpful to you.

Hi, thanks Andrii. Is there a way of making this change specifically for the person who sends the request?

Eg they request a booking and the vendor accepts on the basis that they change the rate. It would be changing the price for the guest before confirming their stay.

I realise it is a bizarre request! One of our vendors is asking.


Unfortunately, after creating a request, it is not possible to change the price in this version; a custom implementation would be required.

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