Vendors cannot be assigned to products

Why is it sometimes not reflected as an order in WooCommerce even when I try to buy a product from a vendor who has registered as a vendor for the first time?
Does not appear in order list
Although not all cases, this is an error that should not occur even once.


  1. Please check in more detail that this product belongs to this vendor.

  2. Also, make sure that the order status is processed, completed or refunded, as other statuses will not be displayed.

Do you think I’m wrong here?

This phenomenon can be fixed by checking the attached image in ①, the middle of the approved download directory was not checked by default.

However, in another previous question (Payment not auto-complete) I emailed them about the check in the middle of the approved download directory, and they told me to leave this status alone to avoid fraud. I said I would recommend it.

However, if you do not check the middle of ①,
As shown in image ②, even if you purchase a product from a new vendor, the vendor does not sell it. Vendor and customer are now the same. You can see that the product name is “tres”.

In the image ③, you can see that the content is also blank.

In the image ④, the vendor name is “testes” and the product name is “tres”

If you do not check as shown in image ①, even if the vendor’s products are sold, the vendor may not have sold them, or the order status itself may not be reflected. I don’t know why because it changes every time I try it.

Is this a trial rather than an error?


Please provide more details regarding this issue (e.g., your actions step by step with screenshots, etc.). This will help us to reproduce and resolve the issue faster. Also, please provide screenshots in English, as we provide support exclusively in English, and this will be useful for our community.