Vendors can't delete or edit images on Android devices and chrome

Vendors have experienced an issue with deleting an uploaded photo from the listing while editing, the small x icon is not working on Android mobile and tablet devices but when they try to delete a photo on pc or iOS apple iphones and ipad tablets it works fine. This happened only on Android devices with chrome.

Thanks for reporting this issue, please let me know if the same issue occurs when you try to upload and delete an image on the demo site This way we can check if this is related to the front-end or back-end (e.g. server settings).

Now I’ve test it on Hivepress demo server. Same issue on latest Chrome browser with Android 11. I can’t remove images and delete X icon not works. But with Firefox it has no problem in same android device. Also it’s ok with Safari on Apple.

Problem is only with Android And Chrome:
Android Device: 11
Google Chrome Browser: Latest version 105.xxxx

Please refer to this topic for future updates about this bug Images Upload display issue + Uploading image takes infinite time and SAVE CHANGES button doesn't stop loading

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