Vendors change category

After submitting and publishing new listing, how vendor can change wrong submitted category from A in his listing to B category?!

Currently, there’s no such option for vendors (as well as for listings) because categories are like vendor or listing types, they can define the form fields and other specific features. If you want users to be able to change some selectable criteria, please consider adding a custom Select attribute for this purpose. It’s similar to classifieds: after you add an ad, you can’t switch the category because this would mean filling other fields specific to this category, probably different moderation rules, limits (e.g., Paid Listings allows charging different prices per category and changing the category later would break this).

So, this new feature should be added to the Hivepress core, when the vendor changes its category from group A to group B, and if group B is paid and its attributes are different, a warn message must be displayed to the vendor, and inform vendor if the category is changed, All add listing steps must be done from the beginning, and if the vendor approves, the process of changing and selecting the category and subcategories will go back to the beginning, and the vendor must go through all the steps again to create a new listing in a new category.

With this method, if a vendor has already purchased a plan with the limit of sending a list or ads, he/she can easily change his/her category or subcategories that he/she entered incorrectly. But each vendor should be able to make these changes only once and restrictions should be applied to it.

Thanks for the detailed feedback; we’ll consider adding this feature.

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