Vendors switch/upgrade from paid plan A to paid plan B

When vendors pay for paid plan A and after 1 month they decided to switch and moving to Plan B

Is there any options they can do it?

If you mean Paid Listings there’s no such option at the moment, because packages are not like membership plans - there can be multiple packages for the same user account. When adding a listing, the package with the higher remaining limit is automatically selected. We plan to add an option to allow selecting the package manually.

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add an option to allow selecting the package manually is more better and flexible. Also please add new feature on paid plan that users can update their paid plan or renew.

Thanks, we will add manual package selection.

There are no plans in Paid Listings, there are packages with specific limits that can be exceeded, and then it’s possible to purchase another package. A user can also have multiple packages at once (so it’s not like with membership plans when there’s a single current plan per user), but manual selection is not available yet.

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