Way to extend rentals?

Hi there, I’m wondering if there is a way for the renters to request a duration extension if the item is already in their possession? If not, would the only alternative be to go in and book as though it were a new rental?

Sorry, this feature is not available yet because only the admin can edit bookings directly in WordPress/Bookings section. There may be a workaround if you add a custom contact form for requesting changes, but you’d have to handle this by contacting vendors.

Noted. So if the admin edits the booking and changes the end date, would they be charged for the additional days (or alternatively, less days if duration is decreased?).

If none of these workarounds count, is the only alternative having the renter complete a new order for the days following their current rental?

Extended is definitely something our renters would be interested in, so it’d be great to add to the roadmap :slight_smile:

There would be no automatic payment in this case because it requires approving this on the payment service side (depending on which payment method is selected). For extending bookings, the only workaround at the moment is making another booking adjacent to the current one.

Thanks, we’ll try to add as many booking-specific features as possible, this extension along with the Marketplace has the highest priority.


Thanks so much for all you do!

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