Webcal sync booking URLs

Some of my vendors are providing Booking import URLs that start with webcal:// and the calendar isnt syncing. When I add these into the Booking Import URL field it is automatically adding https:// on the front.

Does rental hive accept URLs starting with webcal://?



Unfortunately, no, we do not accept these types of protocols. We accept only standard HTTP protocols.

Is there a way to sync the calendar with apple cloud calendars?


Unfortunately, not yet. We accept links to online calendars (Airbnb, booking, Google calendars, etc.).


Unfortunately, we don’t support this kind of link. But, we can provide you with a PHP snippet to allow it without HTTP (but note that this will allow you to add even just text).

when I just remove the webcal prefix and insert https on the front of the link, I seem to get some availability info. Could you let me know if this means it is syncing correctly?


If you replace the prefix and the dates from the calendar are blocked correctly, you can use it that way.

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