Website Requirements

I am looking at using HivePress and have a few questions I was unable to find answers relating to requirements for my site.

Is there a franchise option or solution to manage multiple business names? There are many users that manage listings for multiple businesses, each listing has a license number. I would like it so that someone can create a business name and add the license number in, and when creating a listing they can select the business name and it will auto fill the license number.

Is there a way to preview listing on checkout to see what it looks like in search results?

Can I add payment methods accepted field so users can select Visa, Mastercard etc with the logos to display on their listings?

Users search listings by State/City, but the results need to show for the County the city they searched is in. Users creating listings are charged by the county they are posting in. I have this data already to import either as locations or categories, but want to make sure this can work with HivePress.



  1. If you mean allowing a single user to manage multiple vendors unfortunately there’s no such feature yet, but admins can manage multiple vendors.
  2. Preview during the listing process is not available yet.
  3. Yes, you can use any of the payment gateways available for WooCommerce, usually they show the payment service icon or image.
  4. It’s possible if you enable Regions in settings, then users can search listings by any area or specific address. When a specific address is searched, then listings within a set radius are returned, but if a specific county is searched then the radius search is disabled and all the listings from this county are returned.
  5. Currently there’s no way to charge a different listing price depending on location.

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