What is the easiest way to design pages

I am struggling to see the best way to edit the theme and make it unique because it is built in. I have asked this question before but cannot find it. It was talked about using elemntor i think to design pages. i tried it and on the basic version it seemed the same as the themes are offering. i want to buy a few themes but it is making them unique which is confusing

tagdiv is a great page builder but with the page builder this is built in, i am struggling.

for example, i want to add this to my site. see image. i want to have an image on one side and writing on the other that is clickable but in the page builder it is built in i am finding it impossible. i would value some advice on how i can start making the different themes unique

Sorry, there’s no support for tagdiv and I’m not familiar with this page builder - we fully support the default WordPress block editor and there’s a basic support for Elementor. You can build and design pages using blocks Adding Blocks | HivePress Docs - YouTube If you’re not familiar with the WordPress block editor, please consider hiring a WordPress expert on Fiverr for customizations https://fwd.cx/hLhc73mQCD9R

The layout on the screenshot can be added using the Cover block in the WordPress editor, or using a custom block in Elementor.

i am not asking about tagdiv, i have said that i use tagdiv. i want to know if there is any point me buying all the different products you have, as i struggle in page builder you are using which is guttenberg. there seems to be no way to properly change the layout of the pages to make them look unique.

so i am asking you to look into this for me. i do not want to buy different products you offer to then find out that they cannot be styled to what i want as i do not want everytheme looking the same as everyone elses. i have looked at your docs and they do not really let me know what i need to know to change the styles

Sorry if it’s confusing, but Gutenberg is the core WordPress layout editor, it’s not specific to our themes or extensions - if you install WordPress this editor will be there by default. We don’t have docs specific to this editor because it’s related to the core WordPress features, there are hundreds of tutorials and docs for Gutenberg, for example WordPress Gutenberg Tutorial: How to Easily Work With the Block Editor - YouTube

The majority of the WordPress themes nowadays use either Gutenberg or Elementor (this is the most popular third-party page builder). Please try checking Gutenberg tutorials and docs, there are many screencasts showing how to build custom layouts. Our themes and plugins just add the directory/marketplace functionality to WordPress, and style the layout blocks - the editing workflow itself is implemented in WordPress editor, or third-party editors of your choice (e.g. if you choose Elementor, but we don’t fully support it yet).

Hope this helps.

thank you for your reply. I have friends who are interested in your themes but they are all thinking the same as me about the stylish of it. So, what i am trying to understand is, so for example, if i bought a theme for anything from another supplier then i can easily restyle the theme to make it look like the way i want it to look. but the trouble is with this theme it is hard to make any real changes.

All i want is the backend functionality of theme and to make the front end look like the way i want it to look. the design you have done is great dont get me wrong but i want my theme to look unique. so how did you guys design your theme so i can then follow the same steps to make my theme look unique.

I have never had so many problems trying to restyle a theme but i love your guys pricing and the functionality of the sites, and that is why i intend to buy all the themes but need help on the styling

Sorry if you had a bad experience.

Our themes are based on the default WordPress block editor, it’s not specific to our themes, and it’s not something that we can change - the workflow of building layouts with blocks is implemented by WordPress itself (our themes just style these blocks on the front-end). It’s the same with Elementor, it’s a third-party page builder - we can’t change the way their editor works, we can just add integration with it. If you check 90% of modern themes (e.g. on ThemeForest) they are based on either default WP block editor (Gutenberg) or Elementor.

In any case, we’ll try to improve the docs or at least link to the WordPress docs for the editor Block Editor Handbook | WordPress Developer Resources You can also check hundreds of tutorials about building layouts with Gutenberg on YouTube. We built the home page of the demo site for our theme this way Adding blocks | TaskHive Docs - YouTube

Hope this helps.

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