What is the use case for "Complete Order" on the buyer's screen?

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We were wondering what is the use-case of the “Complete Order” Button on the buyer’s screen. We couldn’t find any documentation on this:


In the current version vendors can complete orders by themselves, there are 2 ways to do this:

  • Allow customers to complete orders via the Complete button, this way they confirm that they’re ok with the result (e.g. if it is not known when this service will end, etc.)
  • Set auto-completion period (starting from the order date or Delivery date if you enabled manual delivery feature), in case if customers forget or just don’t care about marking orders Completed

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Thanks for your reply.

We are using WooCommerce Payments in our website for the users to place their orders. We were under the impression that when the money gets credited into our account after user pays for the service, the order’s status automatically gets updated from “Processing” to “Complete”. Please let us know if our understanding is incorrect.

Also, can you please let us know how to set the autocompletion period?


That’s right, that’s how it should work.

You can set the Completion period in HivePress > Settings > Orders.

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