What size images should be uploaded for correct display

Hello, cordial greeting,
I have two questions about image optimization, (I USE THE RENTALHIVE THEME).
1 What is the ideal size for images of:
2 Cover
3 Listing Categories and
4 Listings
Can I upload images in the latest generation format, for example, .webp?

Thanks for your reply


For more detailed information, I recommend checking out this doc: How to customize the image sizes - HivePress Help Center, as there are no recommended sizes, it all depends on what you have in your settings. For WEBP images, I recommend using a plugin that optimizes and converts images automatically because, in most cases, users don’t have the source images in WEBP format; e.g. you can use the LiteSpeed plugin How to Speed up a Directory or Marketplace Website Built with HivePress | HivePress Blog

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