What theme does HivePress blog use?

I really like the theme and layout of the HivePress main blog: https://hivepress.io/blog/

How can I implement this on my own website running TaskHive?

I like that theme too!

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Thanks! It’s actually based on the theme framework common for all of our themes GitHub - hivepress/hivetheme: A framework for HivePress themes. (including those for sale), with a few extra CSS styles we added. Unfortunately this theme is not available for download.

can you please provide the css styles that you added?

I like how it is being displayed.

It’s very pleasant.

Hope we can use it.



Sorry, there’s no simple code snippet for this, it would require a custom implementation. If customizations beyond the available features are required for your site, please consider hiring someone for custom work https://fvrr.co/32e7LvY

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