When click on Email Verification link when new user signs up, link not working correctly

When a new user signs up with their email and password, they receive an Email Verification email with a link. However, when you click on the link it doesn’t verify their email and just goes to the homepage.

Also, at the same time they receive a Email Verification email they receive a “Registration Complete” email, however, they are receiving this email before even verifying their email address.

I am using the RentalHive them. Please help!

Please share a link to your site or send temporary WP access privately via email support@hivepress.io and I’ll check this issue. I recommend disabling third-party plugins, I remember a mailing plugin that replaced links in the email, breaking the verification link.

The part about receiving both emails, this is normal on every account, although it is confusing.

I changed the text of the registration emails by going to hivepress/emails.

Hi ihor,
I have the same problem, but in my case, when user receives the verification email, this email appears without the link.
I am using WP Mail SMTP plugin, do you think disabling it, the problem will be solved?

Please share more details about this issue, the link is not clickable or the email is not delivered at all? Make sure that you check the Email Verification one, not Registration Complete. The verification emails are often not delivered if emails are not set up How to set up emails - HivePress Help Center It also requires email verification to be enabled in HivePress/Settings/Users.

Ok, editing emails i have solved it, but now, two emails arrive again, verification and registration at the same time.
What can i do to receive them in the right order?

I create a blank mail in registered user.

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Hello Ihor! Can I get the default text for all email events, please?


Here’s a list of the available tokens that you can use in your email text %user_name%, %listing_title%, %booking_dates%, %booking_url%, %user%, %listing%, %booking%.

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What does the %listing% token do? I tried to add it but nothing appeared just “%listing%”.


This is an “object” token, and it requires a field name, so you can use them this way, for example:


“Object-like” tokens were added as a workaround for a limited list of regular tokens, this way it’s possible to access any field of the sender, recipient or message.