When I make a payout where does it go?

For example here I made a payout but the user was not asked to introduce an bank account number. Where has that money gone to?
Thank you very much! I need this please, i am a little lost with payments/payouts.

Please note that «Payout methods” are just custom labels that help freelancers to understand the required payout credentials, so when you use, for example, “PayPal” as your method - users have to provide you with their PayPal email when requesting a payout (e.g., via request payout form)

So you have to make each payout manually, and only after making a payment mark payout as “published.”

If you didn’t send any money and just changed the payout status from pending to published - a user won’t receive any money (because you didn’t send anything, you just changed the payout status).

Also, you can check these tutorials:

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