When I publish a post it takes over the add listing page

Ok so strange one here if you go to my site www.cardtrading.uk

I think when you login it will try and take you to the listing page anyway and you will see the issue

If not

Click the submit listing button and you will see the issue

It seems to be when I generate a post on wordpress it somehow overwrites the submit listing page

If I remove the post aka put it in the bin the problem is resolved

If I have multiple posts and I remove the one that is currently overwriting the listing page the next post will overwrite it untill I have no posts remaining then the listing form will display again

I will leave this account active until you respond but will rectify the issue at 2pm UK time on the 4/10/2022 because while the issue is there to show you nobody can upload a listing

I Have changed the post type to a page and the problem is now gone

Please make sure that there were no customizations or third-party plugins that may cause this issue, by default WordPress doesn’t allow re-mapping post type of the blog posts.

Before adding the post it was fine but after adding the post it was broken.

I downloaded a plugging to swap post type and changed the type to a page problem went away if I change it back to a post the problem comes back

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