When is new version of ListingHive theme released?

When will new version of ListingHive theme to be released? I have been waiting one feature that was promised on new theme version 6 months now and I’m wondering how much more do I have to wait for it.

Please send a link to this feature request, there may be an ETA for it. There are mostly HivePress updates because ListingHive just defines the design and it rarely changes.

Hi, here is the link (I reported it as a bug): Edits in Category page don't show up - #15 by toniii89

Yes, this actually requires the theme update, not the plugin one, we’ll try to add this to our theme framework as soon as possible so better formatting will be available for categories in all of our themes.

When will it go live approximately? I just wonder if I wait for it, or if I hire some freelancer to do the edit on my site.

It should be available within 2 weeks, but if it’s urgent we can also post instructions how to fix this - let me know if this works for you.

It’s not so big hurry, I can wait 2-4 weeks. Thank you!

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