When searching for request I see old request

I want to filter my search results to don’t show old request (before today) when the user enter in Request search page, how can I do that?


​Please send more details about this question, and we will do our best to help you (for example, what kind of request you use, bookings request or request (without the Bookings plugin); do you have a custom date attribute or also from the Bookings extension).

Hi, sorry for misunderstanding.

I have Request that have due date. When my Vendors go search for Requests is showing like this:

As you can see there are very old Request there, first these old request should not be visible(everything before today should be hidden), only if I check something to show past Request. Is possible to hide and show some requests? Or just to hide past requests.


If it’s a custom Date attribute added for requests, unfortunately there’s no way to hide past request automatically, this would require a custom function that checks this date and compares it with today, hiding past requests.

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Hello ihor,

I believe is not a custom field because is available in your ExpertHive site “experthive.hivepress.io”, this field is called Due Date.
There is a way to filter just from today and so on on this field Due Date, when I’m going to search Requests?

About the license key i added it on my profile but it seems it doesn’t work, I believe is because the email, because the email I’m using it is not the one who purchased Hivepress.

Bernardo Barradas


Unfortunately, this is a custom field to show by what date the request should be completed, and searching by it is also enabled. But, it is not related to the availability of the request itself.

It is possible to make such changes, but it will require a custom implementation.
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