When will be new Marketplace update?

Hi guys -

I had posted a few months ago about the following items looking for updates, and last I heard this January was the target for release, but it doesn’t seem to be out yet. Can you provide an update?

Can you please confirm that you all are aware and working on all three bugs? I’m worried that with the back and forth, things are confused. They may all be tied to the same thing, but I just need to verify:

  1. BUG 1: In the case that a refund is issued, the host earnings are not being updated to reflect the refunded amount. (Earning Payout With Refunds Issue )
  2. BUG 2: When a refund is issued, the platform is adding in a new, additional fee to the platform commission line item that is not set or controlled by the admin. It only shows after a refund is issued. (Earning Payout With Refunds Issue )
  3. BUG 3: Earnings to Admin are not updated when a refund is applied. (If a host refunds part of the fee, will the system update their earnings as well as the total platform commission automatically? - #12 by andrii)
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We plan to publish a RoadMap for Marketplace extension this month. As for the update itself, it will be released no earlier than March.

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