Where are the areas Block (primary) and Block (secondary) shown?

I’ve created a few attributes for listings and have successfully displayed one attribute in the Page (primary) area and another attribute in the Page (secondary) area. Now I want to show a third attribute in a separate part of the template page, but when I look to add Block (primary) I can’t find it in the block library. So where can I find Block (primary)?

And in the block library I can see Actions (primary). What is this used for?

There are 2 display areas for attributes on the listing page and inside the listing block. These are the listing block areas Screenshot by Lightshot We also plan to add a tool for creating custom areas if you use our Templates feature for overriding the listing page template.
This is the Actions (Primary) area of the listing page Screenshot by Lightshot The “Template” section of the block library basically lists all the parts of the default page template that you’re overriding.
Hope this helps.

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