Where does vendors enter their stripe connect information


When a new vendor signs up to post their properties, i dont see anywhere for them to enter their stripe connect information into the system so that they can get paid.

All i see is stuff related to the booking. Can someone please tell me how stripe connect works for the vendors and for the platform holder?

I already signed up for stripe and i installed the stripe plugin and filled in the keys, but it doesnt have anywhere to put anything for stripe connect, same goes for the vendors, where do they link the platform to stripe, or enter their stripe information into the platform so they can get paid?

Do i need to install “woocommerce” + “woocommerce multivendor” both? Im asking because in the woocommerce payments settings section I only see stripe and not stripe connect. Which woocommerce plugins are needed?


The Stripe Connect integration is available in Marketplace by default, extra plugins are not required for making payouts via Stripe Connect. I guess the plugin you installed is Stripe for WooCommerce - then it’s a payment gateway for accepting payments from customers (all the initial payments are sent to the site owner via the payment gateways you enable in WooCommerce).
Please make sure that you set the Stripe Connect API key (the secret one, I recommend using a test key first) in HivePress/Settings/Integrations and enabled Stripe Connect as a payout system in HivePress/Settings/Payouts.
Then vendors will not be able to register without setting up an express Stripe Connect account for payouts, there will be an automatic redirect int he Complete Profile form.

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