Where the past orders are stored in the database?


I need to know where the orders are stored in my database. I can see the listings in woocommerce_order_items but not the old orders. I’m asking that due to a few tests and backup and restore I keep receiving old emails of “payouts fail”. Those emails are referring to old orders I made for testing and are from woocommerce/hivepress

In that case, it is telling me that the account doesn’t exist due we deleted the test data on Stripe too (few times). That’s why I want to find the orders in the database to cancel them.

Every time I clean I do that:

  • Deleting Stripe test environment data
  • Deleting Woocommerce orders
  • Deleting Hivepress Bookings


Thanks for reporting this, the bug is confirmed and we’ll fix it as soon as possible.

As a temporary solution please try to delete all actions by the hook hivepress/v1/models/order/payout in Tools/Scheduled Actions

But please note that it can delete payouts for active orders. So please pay attention to which order is the current payout action. Each payout action has 0 => order_id as the argument so you can know for which order the current payout

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Hi @yevhen ,

is this the reason why I get payouts for orders that are already completed and paid?

Every day I see transactions on Stripe showing payouts for an order that has already been paid and in status complete. It’s actually happening for all the orders I made for test and I can see them already scheduled for tomorrow.

Please let me know if the payouts you see in Stripe are completed or there are payout attempts? If possible send a partial screenshot of this payout, if payout was successful then HivePress marks the order as paid and doesn’t schedule another payout attempt, but maybe there’s a bug. By default, there’s a payout attempt every 24 hours (with the admin notification) if the previous attempt fails.