Which third-party calendars are the best to integrate?

Hi :slightly_smiling_face:
i’ve succeded integrating hivepress calendar with google. For obvious reasons i am not fully sattisfied (google calendar sync time).

I wonder if anyone have better experiences with other third-party calendars. Can anyone recomend a better third-party calendar to sync with?

I have searched the community forum for Ameli, but didn’t find anything. Is it possible to sync with Amelia calendar?

I’m building a website where booking is crucial. From my own reaserch i know, that my future customers are using google calendar or mobile phone calendars.
My project is for health care and fitness. Any ideas?

Best regards

Please share more details about the required functionality, is a third-party calendar is required for better UI for users to manage bookings? The calendar choice depends on the purpose, e.g. someone uses Airbnb as a third-party calendar service if most of users also use Airbnb to list their properties in addition to the website.

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