Will the booking plug-in work with expert or task hive

Good day

Will the booking plug-in work with expert or task hive.

Can the checking and checkout fields be removed in the admin settings?

Im looking for a solution inbetween the freelance themes with the booking functionality of rentalhive.

This is the reason why I’m asking the questions above.

Can you suggest the correct theme where a user can create a service and the customer can book the one of the service listings the vendor has created.

I’m trying to test the demos, but the booking functionality is missing from the expert and task themes.

Thank you in advance


The booking extension is fully compatible with ExpertHive and TaskHive. Feel free to use them together.
You can change the check-in/check-out fields but removing them completely may not work since in any case users will have to clarify the “start & end” dates of their bookings.

Thank you. I’ve hidden those fields for some of the categories. Seems to still work, unless I missed something

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