WOO subscription plugin

Hello, guys i contacted woo subscription team to ask for their integration with hivepress. They answered:

The HivePress theme was not developed by us, so we can’t tell whether it’s compatible with or not. I found a topic [in their forums, that suggests they have some kind of integration, but the level of integration is not clear. I recommend asking the theme developers to learn more about their WooCommerce Subscription integration.

If possible can anyone show how their website look with this plugin, specifically the vendors front end.

Thank you so much!


Please provide more details on why you need this plugin; we will try to help (e.g., for integration with the Memberships etc., extension). If you have our Marketplace extension and WooCommerce Subscription plugin installed, then according to our customers, you can sell listings as subscriptions WooCommerce Subscriptions Integration - #4

I would like to allow sellers to sell subscriptions, but i dont know how it looks? And how it would affect the tiers and price?


Unfortunately, tiers are not currently supported for subscriptions. You will have an additional billing period field in the listings form, and the price will be displayed not as an amount but as an amount/month (we do not change the WooCommerce Subscription UI).

​I hope this is helpful to you.

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