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I bought the Woocommerce package for 179.00$, downloaded the plugin and installed.
Was that the right step? :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

I have now some doubts as when changing the price of the listing in the Woocommerce>Product, the edit is not mirrored in the Hivepress>Listing or viceversa or even in the frontend.

Also, I ticked the the Multiple Currency in the WC, and autoconversion, but when I swtich to another currency from the widget the price is not converted. THe product created in the Hivepress>Listing is automatically shown in the WC>products, but without the description!


Please let me know which WooCommerce package you mean, have you bought some extension or bundle from them? If they have an official paid extension for currencies, unfortunately I can’t say for sure if it’ll work with HivePress. You can also try using this switcher, the last time I checked it, it worked WOOCS – Currency Switcher for WooCommerce Professional – WordPress plugin | WordPress.org

I was forced to buy the 179$ package when I was trying to install Stripe . I downloaded the following zip files once I paid.
Woocommerce 7.1.0 and Woocommerce_bookings.
Included there are the following plugins:
Facebook for WooCommerce Google Listings and Ads Jetpack MailPoet TikTok WooCommerce WooCommerce Payments WooCommerce PayPal Payments WooCommerce Shipping & Tax WooCommerce Stripe Gateway and many others that I might have deativated.

Attached the menu that appears.
wooco menu

If it’s a bundle of WooCommerce extensions you can check if you need any of the extensions from this list you posted, if not you can consider requesting a refund. The WooCommerce Stripe gateway seems to be a free extension WooCommerce Stripe Payment Gateway – WordPress plugin | WordPress.org Both PayPal and Stripe are available in WooCommerce by default.

Thank you @ihor. I just did it. I have now removed them and claimed the reimburs.
The widget to switch currency seems desapeared (it wasn’t god at all as it swapped the symbols only) and I was wondering if there is any smoth plugin that can be added to the page that converts the price of the listing depending of the user location keepeing the real time exchange - possibly with the switch option to be place somewhere.


Please try using this one, the last time I tested it with HivePress it worked fine WOOCS – Currency Switcher for WooCommerce Professional – WordPress plugin | WordPress.org

It doesn’t work as I would like. The switcher is not converting the the amount set in the Hivepress>Listing>Price. Does only switch the symbol.

Thanks for the details, we reproduced this issue and will check the possibility to fix it. As a temporary solution please try using another popular switcher for WooCommerce from https://wordpress.org/

Thank you @yevhen. looking forward to that

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