"You cannot request the `transfers` capability without the `card_payments` capability for accounts in BR."

Bug while trying to set up stripe account for payouts

Steps to reproduce

1- create a new account
2- click on listing button
3- click on proceed to stripe

1- in a existing account go to dashboard
2- click on set up payouts on stripe

Actual result

a error message: “You cannot request the transfers capability without the card_payments capability for accounts in BR.”

Expected result

A page where the user can set up his stripe account to receive payouts.

Extra details

The api secret key are already in hivepress>settings>integrations>stripe. The Payout System on hivepress>settings>payouts are already set on Stripe Connect.

Thanks for reporting this issue, it seems that both capabilities are required in some countries - will be fixed in the next update within 1-2 days.

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