2FA for logging in and other actions


I would love to see an integration with a 2FA service for enhanced user account security.

I also believe it would be great to have mobile notifications for listing and request engagement.

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Thanks! This feature is definitely on the roadmap, we’ll check embedded solutions as well as integrations with third-party OTP platforms like Twilio.
I changed the topic title a bit so it describes a single feature (then others can vote for it), I hope it’s ok.


any update for this already, when it’s coming?

Sorry, there’s no ETA for it yet, but we’ll try to add it as soon as possible, all the feature requests with the “approved” tag will be eventually implemented.

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Hoping that it will be in the priority list…

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Any possible way to integrate firebase otp authentication?

Yes, it’s possible to integrate any OTP solution but this would require the advanced customizations, probably replacing the built-in login form or redirecting it to a custom OTP page.