A list of the available email tokens

Is there a list with all the “shortcodes” (what they’re called is slipping my mind)? The %user_name% codes?

Is there a list of those and their corresponding emails? I’m making custom HTML email templates for each one and that’s the thing that’s troublesome to find each time. If there’s a list that would make this MUCH faster.


Actually, while I’m looking for that list. It would be great to see what each default email looks like so we know kinda what they’re supposed to say.

That’s a cool idea, an explanation by the side of each token wont harm.

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It’s definitely coming along. I’m really looking my custom email templates. This list would be tremendously helpful. Now I know why companies have people on staff for just this haha :smile:


In the current version, if you add a new email, select an Event for it and save changes, a list of tokens should be displayed, but thanks for your feedback - we’ll add descriptions for each token. Also, the feature to pre-fill the created email with the default one is on the roadmap.


Thanks, @ihor! I know you guys are probably very busy. Looking forward to it so I can make my emails better.

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i wanna add in emails of confirmed booking (user and vendor) the booking number, booking total price, and any extras
whats the token for this



Currently, the following tokens are available: %user_name%, %listing_title%, %booking_dates%, %booking_url%, %user%, %listing%, %booking%.

Thanks but how do i do %booking.price% does not work and the same with %booking.number%

Try using underscores like the example given and not periods :slight_smile:

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