A question about the membership plugin

The booking plugin is disabled on my website and the marketplace plugin is enabled. In HivePress / Settings / Orders, I disabled “Share buyer information with sellers”.

And if it is possible to charge suppliers for access to the contact details of users who have booked the service, then how do I make the supplier pay for access to the contacts for each booking?

Can I use the membership plugin to charge suppliers if they want to get the buyer’s contact details? If yes, how can I do this if the buyer’s contact details relate to woocommerce fields?

Unfortunately there’s no such monetization yet, but the opposite is possible (you can restrict specific vendor attributes that only members can reveal). We plan to release a more flexible monetization extension, if you already purchased Memberships we’ll release it as a Memberships update.

I haven’t bought a membership yet, as it doesn’t meet my needs yet. Let me know when you are going to release updates and what it will contain, what changes.

We plan to release it this month, the extension will include more flexible restrictions of the HivePress features (e.g. forms or specific fields).

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