About the font face

Hello team, is there a way to change the font face for other not installed with the theme? And use diferents fonts of the same family. I currently using Experthive theme. Thanks.

Please choose one of the available fonts in the Appearance>Customize>Fonts section; you can select a different font for heading body texts. The fonts are loaded from Google Fonts, these are the fonts with the open license. You can also use a self-hosted font, but I don’t recommend it because of the possible performance and licensing issues, and loading such font would require CSS tweaks.

Thanks for the reply. I didn’t notice that the font i want to use was in Google Fonts, but that font has different weights. How can i apply a different weight to the font? I can only choose the regular version.

Please try this PHP snippet

	function( $config ) {
			$config['fonts']['fields']['heading_font_weight']['default'] = 400;

		return $config;

Thnaks Yevhen. The weight in that snippet is the “400”? I use it but i see no change :frowning:

Please try changing any of the settings in Customizer and change it back, the cache should be refreshed (if there are no changes all the settings are cached even if you add a code snippet).

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