About User Information

About User Information

When a user signs up for a vendor listing, we would like the vendor to be able to see the user’s registration information.
It would be great if when I am messaging a user, I could click on the user’s name to see their detailed information.

If possible send more details about the issue, do you mean making usernames clickable in messages? We plan to add this, but regular users don’t have front-end profile pages yet, only vendors do.

I would like to be able to click on a user name in a message to jump to user or vendor information.

For example, clicking on the username in the red circle in the image should take you to a brief profile page of the user or vendor.

I think it would be helpful for vendors to know what kind of users have applied for their services.

Thanks for the extra details, we plan to add links to usernames but at the moment it’s possible for vendors only, because regular users don’t have their own pages with info yet.

Thank you very much.

For my site, I ask for minimal information to be entered, not just for users or vendors.

Would it be difficult to view a user’s profile even if they enter their profile information here?

I thought it would be nice to see the user’s profile info, since more often than not, users apply to vendors than vendors apply to them!

Yes, this feature is planned but unfortunately it’s not possible yet, users have basic info but they don’t have the front-end profile pages where this info is displayed (vendors have these, but regular users don’t). These details for regular users are displayed when users post a review or make a booking, but they don’t have their own pages with this info yet.

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