Access new rental orders via an API

Hi,I’m working on a Rental Platform & based on my requirement, I need to do a credit check before sending out orders to customers. My plan is to have a middleware to get orders via the API & send them to the Credit check service to get a feedback.

  1. Is RentalHive using default WooCommerce orders which can be accessed via the API ?
  2. Can we really use RentalHive out of the box ?

No one to answer & give an idea?

Sorry for the delay, this one required developer attention. Please describe the middleware functionality, there may be a more simple solution, e.g. adding custom PHP snippets or even creating a simple custom HivePress extension. Generally, if there’s no REST API endpoint in HivePress you can always use the WooCommerce REST API or the core WordPress REST API as a fallback.

A WooCommerce order is created for every payment if you use the Marketplace extension (it’s included with RentalHive). Yes, you can use RentalHive out of the box with the same functionality available on the demo site. You can also check this course for the detailed walkthrough

Hope this helps.

Thank you very much for the response. So here’s the requirement. since we are planning to rent expensive Items, we need to check if this is a genuine customer or not. So we need to perform a credit check. My idea as a developer is to create a middleware to get all the Orders & then process with the credit check service. I prefer a middleware because we have full freedom to do our custom coding there. But I’m open for better ideas. I’m still in the searching for a suitable credit check solution for the EU markets.

Does RentalHive has multiple Rental options?
For example, can we choose rental duration , like weekly, monthly ?

Please let me know when this credit check must be performed, during checkout or on user registration? I can suggest corresponding API hooks so you can create a middleware, adding extra conditions to specific actions.

Currently there are 2 modes, time-based bookings and day-based bookings. With day-based bookings you can set the minimum booking duration in days, but there’s no specific (and recurring) weekly/monthly mode in the current version.

Thank you very much for the information.
This credit check must be performed at the checkout.

Do you have a fully working deployed demo on RentalHive to check these rental configurations?

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Then I recommend using WooCommerce hooks for the initial tests, because we use WooCommerce for all the payment features. HivePress just checks if the payment is successful in WooCommerce and changes the rental status to paid. For example, you can try this one php - Custom validation of WooCommerce checkout fields - Stack Overflow

You can also test about 70% of all features locally by installing HivePress with its free extensions and ListingHive theme, since RentalHive is based on HivePress and it’s an open source framework. The theme just includes extra extensions for adding the marketplace and booking features, but user registration, listing process, etc. are available in HivePress itself.

Unfortunately there’s no admin demo for our premium themes at the moment, and no free trial since these are downloadable products with lifetime licenses.

Thank you for the very useful information. After looking at RentalHIve & the support I got from you, I think RentalHive is the best solution for my new business idea. One question before I purchase RentalHive. I’m about to start a renting business. A online shop where I’m going to rent electric items like cameras, drones & also smartphones or laptops.

There are multiple rental conditions.
In the backend, we can configure a Camera can be rented out on weekly basis. Like €25/week.
And a laptop can be configured on monthly basis. Like €60/month.
A simple BBQ machine can be rented out daily basis. Like €10/day.

Is this possible in RentalHive?
I asked from a support person of RentalHive & they said there there are No rental options are available.
I just need to make sure since you helped me a lot so far & it seems you have a more wider knowledge on RentalHive.

Waiting for your response.