Accidentally removed the footer

I removed the widget for the footer (not the menu). So I don’t have my logo, quote and all my pagelinks at the bottom. How can I restore this widget? I can’t find it


If you deleted your widgets, you’d have to create new ones in the WP Dashboard > Appearance > Widgets section. There’s no way to restore it.


but how do I do this so it looks like the original one?

  • is it not possible to again import the demo data and get it this way? or even better: to manually import only the widgets. Do you guys have a JSON/WIE file to import and this way only get the widgets of taskhive?

Sorry for the confusion, if you need specific files for the demo for any of our themes (e.g. a WIE file for widgets) you can download them here GitHub - hivepress/hivepress-demos: Demo import files for HivePress themes. By default, these files are pre-selected in One Click Demo plugin so the demo (3 files: content.xml, widgets.wie and customizer.dat) can be imported with 1 button click.

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