Account Orders Page is Blank

Help… When I go to my Vendor accounts order page to view, It no page, page is blank… What am I doing wrong?

Please refresh the permalink structure in Settings/Permalinks (choose a structure with %postname% if the default one is selected) and check if this issue persists.

Also, please try re-creating pages using a tool in WooCommerce/Status/Tools seciton.

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Thank you so much, so the permalink were right, but as soon as I used the Tools, it fixed it quickly, not only that, I was able to see pages not connected on WooComm in System Status Tab. Helped and I will be using that area indeed, he seems like many things can be fixed there… Again, Thanks :pray:t6:

Hi again, if you have any advice on this error would be awesome… When I go to my Users, it gives me this error, but I can go to my users through profilegrid plug-in… I tried uninstalling it but still and I need that plugin anyhow… Any suggestions and here is a Screenshot of code… Not sure what to hide on the error, if any.

It seems to be a conflict with the WP Simple Firewall plugin, they use the same dependency as HivePress Bookings, but there’s an old version so it conflicts. If possible, please check if there are any alternatives to this plugin, or you can contact their support and ask to update the dependencies.

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Hi and thanks. So that fixed my issue, but I keep getting more issues… First one, is my order tab in the Dashboard is missing, it was there but not any more…

Next is, theres other attributes that I do not need… I have been looking and looking can seem to remove them… Do you have a Complete video guide for hivepress? Thanks

Please make sure that the WooCommerce plugin is active, if there’s at least 1 order then the Orders section appears in the user account. Let me know which attributes you want to hide, there may be a solution.
We plan to publish a full video tutorial for every theme on Udemy, e.g. we already published one for ListingHive and the RentalHive one is planned for this week.
The docs also may be in different sections, e.g. for the Marketplace extension Marketplace - HivePress Help Center

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