Accurate time setting on booking calendar


I have purchaced hivepress and I would like to have a calendar like this: Car Rentals from Avis, Book Online Now & Save or this: Car Rental Booking System for WordPress | where the customer have the option to choose a specific time of pickup and return.
(eg from 25/12 10:15 till 30/12 19:45)

This is crucial for me since I want to implement it with these specifications. Is something like this possible somehow with Hivepress?


If you have the Bookings extension, we recommend using the following features:

​I hope this is helpful to you.

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But I cannot do what I said before, please correct me if I am wrong (since I have lost hours to review it) but you cannot assign a specific time like:

pickup time : 8:15am - 24/12/2023
dropoff time: 10:30pm - 27/12/2023

Is it right? Because I haven’t any answer yet

Sorry for the delay.

Yes, if you use time-based bookings there’s no option for customers to input any start/end time they want (yet), but you can pre-define time slots and allow selecting multiple slots (e.g. 15-minute slots) so they will be able to select a range of any time slots and book them at once.

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