Add 2-columns layout (50:50) for listings and map

it would be super cool if you could extend the layout of the listings search page, to a 50:50 layout.
On the right the map with the listings and on the left the results.
Many directory themes on themeforest offer this. At Hivepress there is the function as a small format.
Thanks and best regards

Thanks for your suggestion - we definitely plan to add this layout option, probably to one of our themes. It’s also possible with customizations, e.g. if you create a child theme and customize the listings_view_page template.

the layout is based on bootstrap, isn´t it?

If you mean any of our official themes, we tried to keep CSS as lightweight as possible so we avoided external CSS libraries. You can use Bootstrap though, if it doesn’t conflict with the theme styles.

i understand, thank you!
then, i will wait until you launch it for experthive :slight_smile:

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