Add a save as draft and publish button

Hi there!

When a user adds a new listing or edits an existing one, is it possible to have two buttons. One that saves the listing as a draft and one that saves publishes the listing?

Is this possible?

If yes, I guess you cannot provide the code for that since it would require quite a few customizations. But could you please point me in the right direction or at least give me a definitive answer if this customizations are possible or would this exceed the possibilities of customizability because I’m always limited in customization of a plugin?

I hope this makes sense. If you don’t understand what I mean please ask me again.

Thank you!

Thanks for your suggestion, we’ll consider adding this feature. Currently it works this way for new listings, but for specific details only (e.g. uploaded images), and the auto-draft expires within 2 days.

I spoke to a developer to implement a save as draft AND publish button onto the account page, but he said it’s not possible since I’m limited to the plugins functions. He said he has to play by the plugin’s rules. He said with the current limitations of the plugins it’s not possible to add this function.

Can you tell me if this is really the case?

Thank you

It’s definitely possible, with code customizations there are no limitations, it just depends on the complexity. Listings are stored as a “hp_listing” post type, so if they add a button that sends the currently edited listing ID via AJAX to some REST API endpoint that checks if the current user is the listing author, if the listing status is not pending etc. and saves changes (setting the listing status to Draft) it should be ok.

By the way, if these developers are familiar with HivePress you can recommend them to join our Experts program Experts | HivePress

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