Add a time limit for the packages

I faced the following situation. I have half-year packages with listings and a one-week trial package with 9 listings. It seems pretty logical that the package should expire during the trial period (one week). Surprisingly, the functionality works in the way each of the listings can be published for one week. In this case, the vendor can post 1 listing every week for 9 weeks.

Could you include a time limit for the packages (which is a standard for the subscription model)?
Or do you have a solution for this case?


Thanks for your suggestion, we’ll consider adding this feature.

One more question following the topic. Is there an option to manually delete/stop the package after the trial period ends?


Please provide more details. Do you mean to delete a package for a user manually if it has expired according to your terms?

Yes, this it what I mean.

In my case the duration of the packages must be predictable. And I am wondering if I could delete the package manually as an administrator. In mentioned above one-week trial package case, delete the package manually after 1 week.


I see. This is possible from the administrator’s side, but only through the database (usually, this function is provided by the hosting provider).