Add an email address where all notifications will be sent

Hello everyone,
Is it possible to add one or more email addresses to which all notifications that come to the site administrator’s email will be sent?

Thank you


You can configure this on the email service side by adding a forward filter, please check this sample doc Gmail Help

​I hope this is helpful to you.

there is no other way via wordpress?


Unfortunately, we can’t give you more details, as our clients have always set this up through third-party email services. But, if you need to set this up via WordPress, you will need a custom implementation.


thank you very much, in case it helps I found this script that does exactly what I needed :wink:

function custom_wp_mail_filter($args) {
    $args['to'] = 'your e-mail';
    return $args;
add_filter('wp_mail', 'custom_wp_mail_filter');
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