Add br tag to allowed html tags in order to make email texts look better?

We are about to start using the Search alerts extension. We have tried to make the email sent to the user look better by adding br tags to avoid having all the text in the mail on the same row. But that doesn’t work. And that seems like bug not being able to set newline.

After investigating the matter we noticed that br tag isn’t allowed. The only html tags that are allowed are a, i and strong. Can you please add br tags to the list of allowed html tags (includes/helpers.php function sanitize_html line 382)?
Or how can I add br tags to the allowed without changing the core code in Hivepress?

Thanks for your feedback, we’ll consider allowing more tags on the translation level but you can already customize this email with HTML, please add a new email to override the search alert one in HivePress/Emails, then it’s possible to use all the tags allowed in the WordPress HTML editor.

Thanks! That’s great! That was an option I have overlooked. Then I guess we don’t need any more html tags. :slight_smile:

Hm…I just tried the feature to add a custom email to be sent on the event “Listings found”. But the email sent only contained the words " Passed in request" when received. The subject was fine but not the content was only “Passed in request”. :confused:

Hm…Seems to work fine now. Seems to have been just fine in our end but something happened when Sendinblue got it. But now it works.

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