Add conditional fields

Need conditional fields to display price.

Select Field Options

  1. Price on Request
  2. Price in INR
  3. Price in USD

If vendor choose second or third option then only text field will display to add price.
clicking on first options will not display text field.

1.add attribute box next to category box at admin panel while creating attribute.
2.Add parent child functionality for attributes also.
3.Add hp_custom_attribute_taxonomy

Thanks for the detailed feedback, we plan to add this for optional attributes - this feature is on the roadmap for HivePress.

Hi. Do you have information about this feature, when it will be ready? You said about the roadmap, where can I see it? Conditional logic in attributes is a really useful feature, it will be cool to get some dates, to understand when you will launch it.


Unfortunately, the roadmap is not available for public access.

Also, there is no exact timeframe, but we’ll consider adding this feature as soon as possible.

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